Forest Cosmetic Glitter

$3.95 USD

This amazing high quality loose cosmetic grade glitter, is perfect and safe for makeup use on body, eyes, lips, etc. This ultra-fine glitter measures approximately 1/128 inch.

*Safe Cosmetic Grade Glitter
*UV Resistant
*Solvent Resistant

Please note: All glitter is packaged in a common area. Although we try our best to keep glitters completely separate, sometimes, glitter from one item may transfer to another item. Please do not purchase if this is an issue.

Cosmetic glitter is packaged by volume in 10g container. True weight of glitter is approximately 7-8g.

Although glitter is deemed "Safe" for cosmetic use, always perform small skin test to test for irritation/ allergic reaction.

***Please note: We try our best to photograph and get the true color and accents of each item, however, colors may appear different based on monitor settings. We strongly encourage customers (especially when looking for a specific color), to look at items from different devices (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.), as items may appear completely different from one device to another. ***