CLEARANCE: Imperfect BIG SISTER,faux leather sheets,8x11 faux leather

$1.75 USD

CLEARANCE: The writing on the fabric is light, may be cut slightly shorter than 8x11 inches, and/or may have slight dusting/ spot(s) on the BACK of the material

This beautiful CUSTOM Big Sister faux/vegan leather measures 8 x 11 inches (some pieces may be cut slightly larger). This is perfect for crafts and other projects. The backing of the material can be seen in the 5th photo (it is a soft cotton-like material).

This material can be used for hair bows, scrapbooking, bags, gloves, shoes, wallets, and much more.

Gently hand wash/wipe material.

***Please note: Colors may appear slightly different based on monitor settings***

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